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Your life is precious,  your body is sacred and your gifts are needed. 

Bring them into the world!

 You have an unique rhythm, this is YourDance!


Through YourDance methodology, I support you to honor your sacred space, express your essence, awaken and access the ancestral wisdom within to enhance your intuition, self -confidence, self- realisation and inner power to create the life you want.

I invite you to dance with your shadows, to embody your true sacred essence to integrate the multi diverse being you are. I support you to embrace your own rhythm to expand your consciousness, to dance your unique dance sharing your gifts with the world from a place of integrity and authenticity.

You will find here on my website and social media platforms contents in Portuguese and English. I choose to deliver my message as it comes, so when it comes in Portuguese I will speak in Portuguese when it comes in English, English will be; When it comes in both languages I will put subtitles; when it comes wordless I will dance! 


By contracting any service or product I offer

you are also contributing to a social cause 


A percentage of all sales goes to our  social project  The Healing Dance Program - Refugees  to support refugees and trauma survivors around the world to find their rhythm, to dance their dance in the new dance floor.

Dancing Around The World

I acknowledge the spirits of the lands I walk through and the people who share the dance floor with me.​


I firmly believe in the transformational power of dancing.  Every move I make is to support the world in becoming a dancing place, because of that I have chosen to live a nomad life moving continuously  between countries sharing movements and awareness with the dancing hearts I meet on the way.​

I see YourDance my dear, and it is a lovely one!

Looking foward to dancing with you!


Student Reviews

Samya's belly dance session was wonderful! I really enjoyed it. The structure, music and care for the participants was great. It was my first belly dancing: I learnt steps, laughed, discovered new things about myself and let go. Thank you Samya, keep spreading this beautiful healing dance!


—  Eva Gekeler, Germany

Thank you for your encouragement throughout the 2 years of Belly Dance lessons which released my passions for dancing. Without your inspiration and sharing your expertise with me, I wouldn’t be who I am today and I can’t thank you enough. 

Anyone that shares the same experience will be so fortunate. You are truly blessed with a talent for making people feel confident about themselves. Memories of my time dancing with you will always leave a smile on my face!


—  Melinda Orifici, Australia

Wonderful project which brings love and happiness in the world! keep on! such an inspiring idea behind a beautiful soul.

—  Donna Wetter, Germany

Samya, thank you so much for Latino classes you've conducted in UWA. It was so cool to have such a great teacher who is passionate about the dance, so natural in moves and really good in teaching.
I will be missing so much the atmosphere of fun and enjoying you are creating in the class. All the best in everything you will be doing!


—  Kasym Devlikanov,  Australia

I loved your energy at first sight. I was working and you came and we chat for hours about things in common and your incredible experience with the Indigenous in Brazil, and it was just the begging... We always chat about life, about our experience in Reike, about your beautiful projects specially with Aborigines in Australia, your amazing Van, your dictionary made by Samya lol, our sunsets together, Maos sem Fronteiras course at the beach... and the belly dance class that I participated during my purperio / postpartum that made me feel so good!

Nowadays I follow you here to know more about your journey and I'm really happy to see your beautiful work. Maracass we wish you all the best, much more health and opportunities to spread everywhere you do. Dream big girl... Just keep swimming ( from Nemo movie heheeh)


—  Bruna Buava, Australia

I have participated for 3 seasons in one of the  Maracass groups "belly dance " and it was an extremely life change experience. The way Samya conducted the class was always fun and challenging for me; it helped me with my confidence in dance and also in life! With her holistic way to teach, she explored our femininity, internal power, and teach us the importance to moves our bodies.
Thank you so much for the amazing time and the experience that I will carry for my life! Loved shimmy with you Samya.

—  Celina Padilha, Brazil

Amazing person and teacher! Has a lot of valuable ideas and strategies to share.

—  Paul Stein, Australia

Samya inspired me much about initial professional career in music. While performing with her, it was easy to feel her freestyle dance with combination of holistic techniques. It was my pleasure to accompany her. If you find any opportunity to meet her, don't miss the chance!


—  Atman Okyay, Turkey

Samya is a sunny soul, her presence is delicate and yet strong. I did belly dance class with Samya in Perth in 2017: her energy flew freely throughout the class and it reflected in each student. We were such a diverse group in all aspects: age, ethnicity and level of dance and yet we felt as 1, united by that energy, the feeling was of real feminine empowerment!

I also had the opportunity to read her material and listen to her online classes. The material is rich, deep and transformative. In the online classes I learnt how to listen to my body, breath, change my energy and understand that everything is fine... Samya is present, open to learn, teach, listen and feel, a truly unique person in the best sense of the  word. 

I wish light in your path Samya ! Always! Gratitude 

— Ana Carolina,  Australia

Meeting Samya via Skype was a wonderful experience that I felt the universe brought upon my road. I had been longing to connect someone that could help me with understanding my emotional self better. Samya made me feel very comfortable by never pushing me. Gentle guidance with overwhelming love is all I felt during our sessions.

The instructions Samya sent each week were clear and very easy to follow.  Every dance session I did in the privacy of my own home was enriched with the beautiful, sensitive music Samya chose for the session.  Each moment spent with Samya was precious and life changing for me.  I learnt to trust myself more, take up my full place in the world and understand my emotional side much better.  I would encourage every person out there to open themselves to the wonderful, emotionally healing space of Samya's dance therapy.

— Tara Lee south Africa

Samya is such a great dancer with a beautiful warm heart.

—  Dana Berg, Germany