Online /Mentoring 

Mentoring One on one

This is an One on one sessions designed to hold the space for you to build a stronger relationship with your body, to connect with the inner source and to embrace life on your own time and space.

Besides the mentoring with me online you will receive an audio holistic dance session to practice in your own space and time. The whole session online with me or off line during your practice creates a safe atmosphere for you to embrace your body, your emotions, to explore your internal flow of motions, to access your own rhythm, to find YourDance to enjoy your live journey. 

Personal energy reading 

The personal energy reading  will support you to understand your CURRENT energy, to inspire and empower you to walk your path to create the reality you want. I believe that we are powerful creators and I see the oracle  and tarot cards as a tool to help us to understand the energy we are in right NOW to take the steps we want towards our goals. This is NOT about FUTURE PREDICTION, we are creating our future step by step, and we are the only one responsible for what we are building. The personal energy reading encourages you to claim your power and free yourself by taking full responsibility for your life. Once you see yourself as a powerful co-creator, there is no room for victim posture, and you will be ready to enjoy the conscious manifestation.

Online Course (group)


The Sacred Union Within is an online program designed to support you on the journey to find your own rhythm to dance YourDance, to integrate the diversity within through body / emotional awareness, dance and movement, to move in life from a place of integrity.

The Sacred Union Within will be launched in English version in 2020. 

Looking forward to present this beautiful gem to you all.