Your life is precious,  your body is sacred and your gifts are needed, bring them into the world!

 You have a rhythm the is very unique, this is YourDance!


Through YourDance methodology, I support you to honor your sacred space, express your essence, awaken and access the wisdom within to enhance your intuition, self -confidence, self- realisation and inner power to create the life you want.

I invite you to dance with your shadows,  to embody your true sacred essence to integrate the multi diverse being you are. I support you to embrace your own rhythm to expand your consciousness, to dance your unique dance sharing your gifts with the world from a place of integrity and authenticity.

You will find here on my website and social media platforms contents in Portuguese and English. I choose to deliver my message as it comes, so when it comes in Portuguese I will speak in Portuguese when it comes in English, English will be; When it comes in both languages I will put subtitles; when it comes wordless I will dance! 


If you resonate with my services, will be a great pleasure to support you to embrace your rhythm, to shed your skin to dance YourDance!

*By contracting any service I offer you are also contributing to the social project  The Healing Dance Program in supporting refugees around the world to find their rhythm, to dance their dance in the new dance floor.


I acknowledge the spirits of the lands I walk through and the people who share the dance floor with me.​

I firmly believe in the transformational power of dancing.  Every move I make is to support the world in becoming a dancing place, because of that I chose to live a nomad life moving continuously  between countries sharing movements and awareness with the dancing hearts I meet on the way.​

I see YourDance my dear, and it is a lovely one!

I am looking foward to dance with you!


Students reviews

thank you so much for Latino classes you've conducted in UWA.
It was so cool to have such a great teacher who is passionate about the dance, so natural in moves and really good in teaching.
I will be missing so much the atmosphere of fun and enjoying you are creating in the class.
All the best in everything you will be doing!


—  Kasym Devlikanov,  Australia