Online Mentoring

-One on One-

The Online Mentoring - One on One - will  hold the space for you to build a stronger relationship with your body, to connect with the inner source and to embrace life on your own time and space.

The Online Mentoring - One on One - delivers Holistic dance through our technique called YourDance. The sessions create a safe atmosphere for you to embrace your body, to explore your internal flow of motions, to access your truth. To build and to cross the bridge to meet the inner dancer, to find YourDance, to learn the art of self-healing. I encourage you to open yourselves to a free form of movement, experience this effective and powerful tool to connect with the deep part within you that knows how to be free, vulnerable yet strong and joyful.


I encourage you to trust yourself, to trust your body. I support you to get to know the unique being you are!

The Online Mentoring -One on One- I offer has FOUR sessions for each area you want to work.When we finish the last session you cannot apply for more sessions to the same topic/ area we have just concluded for a period of 3 months (another topic you are welcome to apply).


I chose to delivery the Online Mentoring in this format because  strong believe in the methodology I use. If you are serious and committed to your growth / expansion by practicing the dancing and implementing the exercises I will suggest, the 4 sessions will be enough to put you in a place of self sufficiency to walk your path. 


My main goal with the Online Mentoring  is to guide you through the journey back to your essence, back to your body to awaken and to connect to the inner wisdom an the ancient power you have within. I am here to facilitate this process for you  but I need you to be willing to stand up on your feet to dance YourDance.



Online Meeting

Skype call to set the topic and the way we will address it.

Energy reading 

I will use the tarot cards to read your energy of the moment regards to the topic. 

P.s:   This is not a future prediction

YourDance / Dancing journal

You will receive your audio dance class and your dancing journal for your practice.


After your practice we will meet again on Skype, to ground your experience.  We will dive together on your feeling.


  • Teach you how to connect to your subcounscis mind  to learn how to integrate your shadows  and embrace your lights.

  • Develop emotional intelligence.

  • Connect to your own body.

  • Improve selflove

  • Boost your intuition and expand your trust;

  • Learn the very unique language of your body to move on your life journey  from a place of integrity and authenticity.

  • Bring more confidence to your life;

  • Expand your comfort zone;

  • Develop empowering attitudes, habits and rituals;

  • Support you in building  the strength and the courage to embrace your life's purpose and move towards your dream;

  • Create a safe space for you to connect with your body,  your  inner voice, your truth to meet your inner master;

  • Create a safe space for your experience and to express your feeling and emotions;

  • Hold the space for you to release the emotions that no longer serve you;

  • Support you to be joyful and happier;

  • Support you to embrace the unknown;

  • Develop a problem-solving mindset;

  • Support you to experience the transformation;

  • Improve your social skills and strengthen your relationships.


Meeting Samya via Skype was a wonderful experience that I felt the universe brought upon my road. I had been longing to connect someone that could help me with understanding my emotional self better.  Samya made me feel very comfortable by never pushing me. Gentle guidance with overwhelming love is all I felt during our sessions.

The instructions Samya sent each week were clear and very easy to follow.  Every dance session I did in the privacy of my own home was enriched with the beautiful, sensitive music Samya chose for the session.  Each moment spent with Samya was precious and life changing for me.  I learnt to trust myself more, take up my full place in the world and understand my emotional side much better.  I would encourage every person out there to open themselves to the wonderful, emotionally healing space of Samya's dance therapy.

- Tara Lee south Africa

Samya is a sunny soul, her presence is delicate and yet strong. I did belly dance class with Samya in Perth in 2017: her energy flew freely throughout the class and it reflected in each student. We were such a diverse group in all aspects: age, ethnicity and level of dance and yet we felt as 1, united by that energy, the feeling was of real feminine empowerment! 

I also had the opportunity to read her material and listen to her online classes. The material is rich, deep and transformative. In the online classes I learnt how to listen to my body, breath, change my energy and understand that everything is fine... Samya is present, open to learn, teach, listen and feel, a truly unique person in the best sense of the  word. 

I wish light in your path Samya ! Always! Gratitude 


- Ana carolina Australia

Your level of expertise in this field will always amaze me. I had no hesitation to buy your dance sessions.  Each one takes me on a journey where I experience positivity, calm and happiness within myself.  Thank you Samya.  I cannot wait to see what you have next in stored for us!

- Melinda Orifici, Australia

IMPORTANT:   Applications ONLY 


 R$2000 ≈ US$385

 for 4 sessions

If  you feel in your heart that it is your time fill the application form bellow. I will contact you if you are selected.


By contracting the online mentoring 



5%  of all sales goes to our  social project  The Healing Dance Program - Refugees  to support refugees and trauma survivors around the world to find their rhythm, to dance their dance in the new dance floor.

The Healing Dance Program – Refugees  has successfully  supported  communities in Australia, Thailand and Greece, also implemented the teacher training in the communities. 

Now, in 2020 we want to implement this program in Brazil. Your support is essential and well appreciated.


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