Samya Fraxe

 Master in anthropology of dance, Mentor of embodiment, Creator of YourDance method and The Healing Dance Program.



I am a nomadic dancing heart, I am continually shedding my skin, embodying my soul, and flowing through the deep waters of life.

I am happily on service dedicating my life to contribute to human wholeness. On raising the level of consciousness; on developing body awareness; on embracing all internal diversity honoring your path to move freely from a place of integrity.

I dedicate my life to this mission because I strongly believe that we all are essential piece puzzle of the big picture; mentally healthy and awaken individuals are free and contribute better to our global community, so I do my best to awaken as many hearts as I can.

My Journey

I am a bit of everything and a mix of it all. However, I can simplify by saying that I am a dancing heart. I started dancing when I learned how to walk.  I see the world through movement, and  I consciously communicate to myself and with the divine source through dance.


At a very young age,  I found that by dancing with my sensations, I could reprograming my subconscious mind, integrate my shadows and my light to step into my inner power.  Every move I made, I was integrating aspects that were unconsciously suppressed, denied, and manifested in my body as blocked energy preventing me from flowing. By regularly practicing dancing with my shadows, I experienced a profound shift in my body, that brought clarity, strength and freedom to me to follow my calling and share it with the world.


So, I dedicated myself to deepen my practices and studies. I took a master degree in anthropology - dance and embodiment; I lived in a mobile house for 2 years which allowed me to experience the life as a movement in my skin, I became a holistic therapist, storyteller,  energy reader, space holder, a healer who uses dance as medicine,  and a citizen of the world. 


Yes, I was not just convinced but determined to share the power of dance with the world. I worked diligently and passionately to make it happen. I created and developed the YourDance method and The Healing Dance Program based on my experiences and on the ancient knowledge in my body, from my studies in philosophy and anthropology, also from the indigenous people I met on my journey.  Especially the indigenous people from the Amazon that I spent more time with. Both, the YourDance method and the healing dance program are results of life-long research.


So far, through the YourDance method, I have taught over 300 classes in 6 countries for hundreds of people from all corners of the world. Also, successfully implemented The Healing Dance Program in 3 continents supported  4 refugees groups in different settlement contexts and trained local dance instructors. 


I have been mentoring, dancing with women who were severely  abused - physically and emotionally, with men who have not allowed themselves to cry, with children who have lost their childhood; with seniors,  ethical groups from different parts of the world; with people trying to find themselves and meaning for their existence, also with those who were there to celebrate their lives. 


The variety of dancing hearts I had the opportunity to meet in my classes - offline and online -  is the proof of how powerful dance is in bringing awareness and freedom.   The sparkling in the eyes of someone who have embraced its essence speaks for itself and is that what makes me happy: seeing those shining eyes full of life moving from their inner power.


So, here I am, a pilgrim with no more than what I can fit in two luggage – materially and “emotionally” -.  I built a simple, abundant, and dynamic life that is aligned with my mission to support those who want to break free, embrace its uniqueness and connecting from a place of integrity.