• Samya Fraxe


Updated: Mar 30, 2020

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain in silent.” Victor Hugo

I will take you to a dark place for a second - I will bring you back, don’t worry - I promise that it is for the highest good. I want you to imagine a life without music; imagine that music does not exist in the universe. Can you imagine this place? How would it be? How would you feel?

Okay, okay! Come back before it gets too boring and lifeless.

Music is energy! That is why it affects us so profoundly. Before we dive deeper into the benefits of music in our lives, I want to share essential aspects that can clarify how it works.

The scientists show us that basically everything that does exist in the universe is part of the cosmic field, and the vibration or oscillation of it create waves, and the waves carry energy. It is from this vibration/oscillation that the matter is created.

For easy understanding, it looks like that: Cosmic field -> Cosmic field oscillation -> waves -> energy -> matter. By looking at that, we can understand that to manifest or change the roots of anything, we need access and connect to a compatible vibration of it first.

Okay, but how is it applicable to music and our lives? Well, as said at the beginning of this post, music is energy, just like everything in the universe. The energy of the music combined with an intention that carries a signature; this signature can be love, compassion, joy, sadness, hate, anxiety, and so on. Music is a language, and it communicates with us and the whole universe through the sound vibrations. It can influence the energetic waves and change the vibratory state of it to reach and connect to a specific emotional state.

Music has been playing an important role in our lives since the beginning of humanity. There is some archaeological evidence, which proves that music was part of the pre-historical world using primarily their voice. Some indigenous and shamanic traditions have been aware of the vibrational and healing power of music and mantras. They have been using it to travel into the different dimension, and to connect to the vibration of what they want to achieve and manifest. For example, a great harvest, a specific cure or any other particular thing that would benefit their group. The Waiwai people (an indigenous group from the north of Brazil) told me that some of their traditional songs were so powerful that they had to get it hidden. If someone tried to sing those songs with a wrong intonation, it could materialize the opposite. And even in a more dramatic case, it could cause someone’s death.

The quality and the frequency of the music we have been listening to affect ourselves deeply. The energy and the language content in the music have the power to change the pattern and the vibration of the cell in our body when it is often exposed to a specific rhythm and frequency. We can feel and understand it by listening to a happy or a sad song. If we hold to it for a few seconds, we start to feel our emotional state changing and aligning to the song vibrations we are connecting to. Each type of music or rhythms acts in a specific field of our human composition (physical body, astral, emotional, and spiritual). Moreso, it operates in the different dimensions. Music, if well used, contributes to one’s self-development and spirituality. But when badly used, it can cause blockages or delays on someone’s journey.

Most of the songs we listen to in our modern society are in 440Hz; this frequency contributes to split ourselves within. Songs tuned to 432Hz, just to name one of those frequencies, has the earth natural “beats,” and it makes us surrender to the natural state of the universe (click here to see the difference of 440Hz and 432Hz). Songs in 432Hz connect us to a sense of peace, understanding, and well-being. If you put an intention and select a compatible vibrational state through a specific song, you can use it to heal illness or issue related to it. Also, it clears some blockages and uplifts yourself; it is endless what music can bring to our lives. It is all about the vibration we tune in.

Music calls us to the present moment and put us on what I called the “poetry of life” state. Have you ever caught yourself fully present at the moment with some music on the background and felt like you were watching yourself in a movie? When everything suddenly slows down and the external movements start to get aligned and synchronized with the rhythm, and suddenly everything just feels so good? The “poetry of life” is when the art and life are so connected that you became one with the song. It is, at this moment, that you both are energetically compatible and gets aligned that you can manifest presence, peace, compassion, or any other emotion you are aligned with. This is a powerful state; it is in this receptive mode that you can bring healing to your life.

So, now, I want to ask you an important question. What kind of music and in which frequency are you tuned to?

When you listen to music, you can ask yourself, “am I raising my vibration with this song or not?” You can identify the answer by observing how your body and emotions are reacting to it, trust! Your body never lies to you. If you feel happy, joyful, and peaceful, you are connecting to high vibrations, but if you are feeling angry, sad, or anxious, you are connecting to low energy vibration.

I strongly suggest you to carefully choose the songs you listen to by doing it so; you will bring more color and joy to your life. Have some music in the background when you are preparing your food, cleaning your home, doing exercises, relaxing, studying or working; just tune in and enjoy!

Have fun, stay happy!

With love

Samya Fraxe

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