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[ENGLISH] Wisdom of the flowers

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

When the flowers speak…  you better listen!

Yes, they talk out loud. To hear their message we just need to sit quietly and feel them. I started to observe and to listen the plants some time ago and they always brings me so much wisdom and the answers for my questions. 

This flower came to remind me of a revealing vision I had a few years ago in a meditation session with my lovely “ozzy” mom Cema Santos.

I closed my eyes and went immediately to somewhere in Western Europe. I saw a beautiful woman looking like an Elf, she wore a beautiful long white dress. She was sitting on the edge of a lake shedding her tears of sadness. I came close to her,  she looked me in the eyes and said, "I could not do it! But you have the chance to do it now”. She put her hands on her chest, took her heart out and gave it to me. When I was holding that pulsing heart, she said: "The secret is the integration, the union, everything is one”.  After that her body began to decompose little by little merging with the earth becoming one and indivisible. 

The message for me was clear! I heard, I saw and now with that  pulsing heart on my hands I needed to feel and integrate the fragments of my being. It was such a strong and clear reminder from my soul about what I came to do on Earth: to remind myself and others of the importance of unity and integration. To remember that we are light and shadow that everything is one, that there is no separation and we are all mirrors for each other. 

Today, this reminder came even stronger along with my  menstrual blood as a gratification of the shadows that I integrated at my last cycle and a calling to move forward with my new wings, to be brave once again,  to start another cycle, to integrate the shadows I am now ready to see. Each shadow I integrate I feel  myself coming closer and more aligned with my heart; I feel my dance becoming more conscious, I feel my body and my emotions getting stronger, I see my intuition getting sharper and I feel myself stepping into my power with integrity. The price for that is commitment! If I want to live on my path I must  be committed to let go of everything and anything that holds me from my true self; I must  be committed to remove the masks; I must  be committed to feel the pain and release it; I must  be committed to take full responsibility for my life with no excuses; I must  be committed to be kind and support myself unconditionally; I must  be committed to be vigilante and patient. 

Please, take this post an invitation for you to have a close look at your shadows and fears.  Look at them in the eyes with love and commit yourself to learn from them to integrate, transform and expand.  This is not easy task but it does worth; it is all part of the journey and once you connect to your inner rhythm you will enjoy  YourDance. Shall we?

With love, 

Samya Fraxe

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