• Samya Fraxe

[ENGLISH ] Let love write your story, not fear!

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Let love guide you!

What is preventing you from achieving your goals and what motivates you? Are you afraid of what others will say? Or afraid of failing?

I have two suggestion for you:

If you want to be afraid of something, be afraid of not take risks!

Be excited by what you do, the state of fascination will keep you motivated and keen to overcome the challenges on your journey.

Most people say that they are afraid of making mistakes.

Well, my dear, this fear is nothing more than arrogance. It can be hard to swallow, but that’s what it is. Who do you think you are to not to make any mistake?

Let me tell you something you will not make only one but thousands and thousands of mistakes, and it is all good! Mistakes will lead you to success, will guide you to achieve your goals. Whenever you make a mistake make sure you are making beautiful ones!

I want to share with you a personal story. As soon as I moved to Australia I was frightening to speak English, I was a perfectionist and terrified of making mistakes, well I was learning a new language, so, obviously I was going to make lots of mistakes! I gave myself excuses like "I have this fear because I don’t want to be misinterpreted. If people do not understand me, they will think I'm silly. What if I cannot communicate my truth properly? " These were just a few of the stories I told myself. Whoever listens to this thinks oh this makes sense right? Well, not really, this was nothing more than Perfectionism and arrogance! I make mistakes in Portuguese which is my mother tongue why do I expect not to make mistakes in an idiom that I was learning and speaking for only a few months? After this realization I could laugh at this reminding of each situation that I put myself in because of this perfectionism, yes there are uncountable hilarious situations, and I am glad that I can laugh at that, well at least now because back then I was shaking when I had to speak. So I committed myself to the quality of my message. Yes! Undoubtedly a profound and well-spoken message has a lot of impacts, but it improves over time along the way. The most important thing is to learn how to get up and not how to avoid the fall.

Well, after a lot of cold sweat when I had to open my mouth to talk mainly to people that I thought would be judging me or correcting me mentally, I realized some things; no matter what language I speak, as long as I communicate from my heart, people understand even before I start talking. Ironically or not, I ended up giving dance lessons using non-verbal communication (I'll do a post talking about this another time), yes, I almost did not use my voice to teach during The Healing Dance program for the refugees groups, we do not speak a common language, they do not speak Portuguese or English, and I do not speak their native language, and guess what? We had an amazing connection!

The people who did not understand what I was trying to say simply asked me to explain it better, then I saw that my message reached the ears of those who were more interested in what I had to say than my grammar or accent. Also, the people who judged me for my mistakes they were doing it for themselves, so it was not my problem. This understanding was liberating! This was just the beginning of my chatty phase in English, because in Portuguese I already was. I became more comfortable with the language, and with my mistakes, the best part for me was when I started telling jokes in English, OMG! The feelings of making people laughing were very powerful for me at that moment.

So, I started communicating more, writing and recording videos in English without worrying too much about the accent or the mistakes I made and I still making. I started by taking small steps that strengthened myself; I used to record one-minute videos (maximum), nowadays I do not worry about the time. I redirected the energy that I was investing in my fears to the love I have for my work and my soul mission.

I'm telling you this story to say that you're going to make many mistakes! And there is no problem with that; the problem is to stick into perfection. Laugh at your mistakes, do not take it so seriously, take your message seriously, focus on the quality and purity of your feelings, and have the humility to take over and learn from your mistakes.

The only problem I see in all this mistake situation is to hide yourself from the world because you will not be perfect right away. Just do it, take action, express, and polish it over time. No one cares about your mistakes, if they do, is their problems, not yours! So, it is time for you to show up and to bring your light into the world. Let the love guide you to write your story. You are safe my dear!

It is time to make beautiful mistakes!

With much love,

Samya Fraxe

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