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Annual Results


Wider Impact

Though this program we can support our global community to thrive.

So far, the Healing Dance Program has successfully supported 4 ethnic groups in 3 continents in differing settlement contexts.

Through this program, it has qualified 6 new dance facilitators and brought up millions of smiles in only one year.  

Now we are heading to Brazil to support the community in need over there.


The Healing Dance Program -Refugees in Mae Hong Son in Thailand was in partnership with Ways of Change, which is a co-created fashion brand that have been empowering refugees through their traditional skills and connecting them to the global community. We have supported the Kayan people living in a village called Kayan Tayar next to the temporary shelter BAAN MAI NAISOI in Mae Hong Son. Kayan people are an ethnic minority group from Myanmar also known as the "Long neck" tribe. 
Many of them migrated to Thailand in 1988 to escape from war and persecution; moving to temporary settlements. Currently, there are approximately 9,926 people ( living in BAAN MAI NAISOI, and some of them were relocated to small villages next to the camp by the Thai government which saw tourism opportunities. These were mostly women and children and even now, they still have restricted freedom of movement.
In Thailand, the Kayan people live in small villages and since their movement is restricted, have a strong community bond. However,  they are missing autonomy and agency.  In this context the individual and collective are mixed and they want to have more space to express themselves as an individual.
The  Healing Dance Program has supported them to connect to their uniqueness and encourage them to express as an individual.


I would like to express my gratitude for the collaborators and donors, for joining this mission in empowering trauma survivors and refugees, to spread love and harmony while seeding new dancing places in the world. We do appreciate all support, all care dedicated to our global community and for warming the refugees' hearts.


Your support was essential to make this program possible.

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